Food Photography Tricks


We’ve all had those moments where we see a photo or advertisement for food that looks so amazing, we want to immediately go and find it somewhere. I know I have. What consistently surprises me, though (dough?), are all the creative ways that food stylists make the product look 10 times better than what we actually get.

A gorgeous fluffy stack of pancakes from a photo, for example, would probably give you a really dry mouth full of cardboard. To achieve the great volume often seen in the towering stacks, pieces of cardboard are laid between individual pancakes to give it some added boost. It’s like botox, but for food.

Image result for pancakes

Similarly, a perfect scoop of ice cream might not even be ice cream at all! Food stylists often mix together fat, powdered sugar, and coloring or canned frosting and powdered sugar to get that ideal perfect scoop. Plus, it doesn’t melt, so photoshoots no longer have any time constraint.

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