op-ed: i hate portfolio websites

Ah yes, the never-ending project of the personal website. It continues to be a mystery to me how some people can actually be proud of their website–mine has always been an endless source of discontentment; a frustration; a mild sense of shame.

Lately I have been forced to revisit mine as I started to consider applying for different art opportunities again, and realized its dismal state. Why is a website a professional expectation for students? Why do kids with no comp sci knowledge and no official guidance forced to read through online tutorials to make their site? Why would I have to pay so much per month just to remove stupid ads? Why does Wix make every edit that I frequently use only accessible within 4 submenus?

Does anyone want to tell me which photo is neutral enough for my front page but also doesn’t make me seem like I have the artistic character of stale bread? Or which of 5 grossly similar skinny little sans serif fonts that look like nervous preteens best fit my personal brand?

I have yet to check the mobile version of it and I don’t intend to, with same spirit in which I delay checking my exam grades for as long as I possibly can.

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