3D Doodler: Bringing 3D Printing Right to our Fingertips

Everyone knows about 3D printing, but have you heard about the incredible new gadget that allows you to literally draw 3D printing objects instantly? Meet the 3D Doodler, a pen that does just that!

When a user presses on the pen’s button, plastic is heated inside the pen’s body and released through the tip of the pen in a malleable form. For just a few seconds, the plastic is able to bend and as the user moves the pen around, the plastic moves with it and cools shortly after in the shape that it is left in. This product seems super cool and is something that I’d totally want to try! Check out the amazing work created by artists using the 3D Doodler in the photos below, and for more info, check out the product’s website: https://the3doodler.com/

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