Dreams of Dali

Image result for dreams of dali
A promotional still from the virtual reality experience “Dreams of Dali.”

Salvador Dali is well-known for his dream-like surrealist paintings, such as The Persistence of Memory and The Elephants, and objects, such as “Lobster Telephone.” His works are always challenging and bizarre; when I visited the Dali Museum in 2017, I was most struck by distortion of form present in most if not all of his paintings, forcing the viewer to question their perception of reality.

One portion of the museum invited visitors to experience “Dreams of Dali,” a virtual-reality tribute to the Catalan surrealist. After putting on Oculus VR goggles, viewers are transported into a Dali-esque environment drawing elements from many of his paintings. Being able to perceive depth, sound, 3D space, and time literally adds more dimensions to Dali’s art and is a beautiful tribute to his legacy–I felt transported into an immersive dream world. The interactive 360-degree video below simulates the experience, and the app should be available for Oculus users. Also, if you’re ever in Central Florida, I highly recommend the Dali Museum!

This is really cool.

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