Matt Bollinger’s fictional universe

The mix of bold dark colors and faded whites and grays that comprise the color palette of this series of works by Matt Bollinger drew my attention almost as soon as I saw them. This latest series by Bollinger is comprised of various paintings and models of interior scenes, and is crowned by a nearly 20-minute painted animation sequence. While the subjects of the paintings themselves are quite literal, as in the depiction of a work office or a child’s bedroom, with clear inclusion of objects that denote the significance of the space, such as a desk and a doll’s playhouse, the depictions are not of existing spaces but of something constructed from Bollinger’s mind. And the usage of various artistic elements, most notably to me the color palette, conveys an almost ethereal feeling, reminding the viewer that what they are looking at doesn’t quite exist in a literal, unassuming sense in our own world.

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