Capturing Memories

The idea of capturing memories came up last week in class when we talked about the artist (can’t remember his name at the moment) who built a diorama of a building from memory – complete with holes at the edges of his memories.

Earlier that day I had actually been thinking about how my grandmother’s passing back in October meant that her unique memories are now gone. Sure, what she has shared with others has been translated into each his/her own unique memory, but it got me thinking about how when I eventually pass, my memories will, of course, be gone too and I felt an urge to represent my memories physically, somehow, so that they might outlast me. Not so I can be remembered, but so a unique memory could be “thing.” So it was fitting that I’d later walk into class hearing about someone who had done something of the sort.

This all reminded me of a local artist who captures the “memories” of places like Philadelphia in miniature sculptural replica form. His name is Drew Leshko and he feels it’s his mission to preserve the artifacts of Philadelphia and other cities this way before gentrification/remediation/demolition gets a foothold on the properties. Feel free to check out his Instagram: @drewleshko

I love his work, especially his ice machine replicas.

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