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This afternoon I was listening to one of my new favorite podcasts: 99 percent invisible, which I was actually turned on to by Jacob, and came across their episode about Usonia. Usonia, which refers to an American architectural style created by Frank Lloyd Wright, not only represents a distinct staple in American architecture, but also has influenced the design of thousands of homes across the states. Wright emphasized that he could dramatically change society by changing the way that buildings and homes are designed. Better design = better quality of life. Rejecting the contemporary glass monoliths of the time, Wright opted for locally sourced materials, choosing to show the imperfections of the material rather than disguising them. Wood should look like wood, stone should look like stone. Through the combination of simple materials and modern design, Wright built a home style unique in every way. Although this particular style is rarely seen now in its full integrity, many homes feature elements of the Usonia style which has spread its tendrils through suburbia. I love Wright’s emphasis on and clear focus around the way his design directly influences life and sense of being. Something we should all consider as designers. The spaces we occupy influence our desires and mannerisms.

I’m not going to summarize the entire podcast- rather you should go listen because its extremely interesting.

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