A phenomena that has been noticed and picked up over the past several years is loss of serif fonts styling amongst major brands and corporations. This has been especially noticeable amongst major fashions houses, namely Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein and Burberry. The shift to serif-less fonts is arguably driven by the current obsession with minimalism and clean sleek appearances. It seems strange however that fashion houses especially, who are known and respected for their avant-garde collections. would opt for a less distinctive and more generic appearance for their logos? I certainly find myself thinking that we should expect as much creativity and freshness from companies advertising and appearance as we do from their collections and products. I also believe its likely that we will see a swing in the opposite direction some time in the next five years as minimalism is replaced by the next wave.

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  1. jasonhshu says:

    On a sort of related note, Vox made a fascinating video about the rise of the Futura font:


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