Pollution Monster

This piece of art was created by Greenpeace in Switzerland. I like everything about this piece from its polythene teeth to its Nestle brand polythene head fall back. The best part is its dinosauric features, they give it that quality of extinction which connect back to the idea of pollution and its effects on animals…

Huntsman sculpture (Not real name)

I took this picture in Huntsman building. I thought it’s just really creative. I like the way it appears like a guitar, especially the red stringy bars. I also like the arrangement of the “swordy” metals.

Public mural

I like this picture because of the asymmetry. But what was really interesting was the color symmetry. For one colored side of the face, there is a different color that corresponds to it on the opposite side of the face.

Puma #reform

I found this picture interesting because of the several blacks bars that make the color blending match. I also like the empty space that is created by position the shoes (focus product) in the middle.

Cloak & Dagger

This image from the show “Cloak & Dagger” caught my eyes because of the “merger” between the two characters that this picture capture. The green line between the two characters still alludes the idea the two can’t touch.

Annenberg Center Dancers

Took this picture yesterday. I though the used of negative space as a background was precise. The white, loosely transparent background give the picture a sense of ground and fluidity at the same time. This also give the picture the sense of floatation. Finally I thought the curve pose of the two dancers, which is…

Land of a Thousands Hills (Rwanda)

I took this picture in a Hotel in Rwanda last summer. Rwanda is called a Land of a Thousands Hills and it really is as this artist conveyed in this piece here. I thought this was really creative the way the artist used metal and arrangement to achieve “hills” behind “hills.” The lighting in the…

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

I went to the South over the break and I visited MLK memorial and I found this statue beautiful. The baby being held there is MLK. The part that interested me the most, beside the shared pan “King” in both names is the Lion King reference in the statue. I thought it the best description…

Maze Illusion (Credit: LinkedIn)

A guy I follow on LinkedIn posted this work of an artist who painted his living room like a maze. I found this really interesting in that he only used one color to achieve this impressive illusion. The only qualities he used to achieve this paint are, orientation, saturation of color, shading, and parallelism of…


Found this public art interest. It looks like the inside loop of city of Toronto, the City is a live collectively as one and it cannot be complete without one part. I however find the posture of this “human” figure to be sad for some reasons. I think this sad feeling is invoke by the…