Dominic Wilcox: Champion of Strange Inventions

Born in the UK, Wilcox has dedicated his life to creating unusual, but thought-provoking objects. He studied at The Royal College of Art and graduated in 2002. Since then, he has exhibited his work around the world and created commissioned works for numerous big name brands, such as Kelloggs and BMW.

One of his displays was the world’s first-ever art exhibition for dogs in 2016 in London. The exhibition included a collection of paintings and prints for the pleasure of dogs to view, as well as three interactive displays to keep the dogs engaged. Perusing dogs were allowed to explore a 12-foot food bowl full of two-thousand plastic balls. Wilcox even accounted for the dogs’ colorblindness, commissioning the artworks to be in yellow and blue (colors that dogs can see), as well as making them scented based on subject-matter.

“A border terrier, German Shepherd Rottweiler and English Pointer look at paintings in the exhibition. Photo: Mikael Buck / MORE THAN”

Also in 2016, Wilcox began the “INVENTORS!” project, commissioned by The Cultural Spring. While leading workshops involving inventions with young children, Dominic recognized his own creative imagination within the children and so began this project. He collected over 600 invention concepts from children and chose about 60 to have made. Through arranged meetings between local makers and the young inventors, the kids were able to see their imagination truly come to life. The main focus of the project was that the children had full control over what aspects of the invention were.

Norman came out of retirement at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland to create a “Ladybird Umbrella”
3D rendering of a device that shoots potatoes through a grid straight into a fryer to make fries

Wilcox’s experiences and imagination are displayed through the documentary, The Reinvention of Normal.



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