Old Town Road: What even are genres?

[sorry for all the music posts, I like music 🤷‍♂️]

What is a genre anyways? Nowadays the blocking off of music into arbitrary categorizes seems increasingly unnecessary and well… arbitrary. As musical styles have evolved they have blended and interpreted elements of other genres. Last summer Juice WRLD released “Lucid Dreams,” a trap song featuring emo punk themes (there’s a really great cover that turns it into a pop punk song) and sampling a song by Sting.
But there is no better example of the ridiculousness of genres than the recent fiasco with Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” The song originally appeared on the Billboard Country Chart, but was later removed after criticism that it did not have the “aspects” of a country song. Of course, now that the song is a #1 hit with a remix featuring an established country star, Billy Ray Cyrus, Billboard is reportedly considering placing it back on the chart. Genres create unnecessary divides between art that refuses to be categorized. It’s time to get rid of these labels.

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