morning light

I haven’t always been a morning person – in freshmen year, I was notorious for skipping most (all) of my 9 and 10 AMs by sleeping through all my alarms. On weekends, it would only get worse – unknown to me at the time, my friends started placing bets to see which one of us would get up the latest, with most of them placing their money on – you guessed it – moi.

As cliche as this sounds, I’ve tried to take advantage of the clean slate presented by Sophomore Year (side note: When by Adam Grant is an amazing book that touches upon the science of timing, with an entire section dedicated to finding new beginnings throughout the year. Yes – I love Adam Grant, this has + will continue to be a recurring theme). Although I miss the occasional alarm, I have undoubtedly become a morning person (albeit, I am now also a grandma who struggles to stay up past 1) – I love waking up before the sun comes up, and cooking breakfast as the sky begins to wake up.

During these early mornings, I love to take images of the soft sunlight – my poor friends are subject to embarrassment when we walk around and I force everyone to stop and let me take a photo of something so seemingly mundane – the floor, a wall, a curtain. Unlike the characteristic warmth of the setting sun (~ golden hour ~), morning light is much more quiet, subdued, innocuous. If sunsets are a proud declaration of color, morning light is a humble whisper, the sky holding its breath in anticipation for what is to come.

Over time, I’ve built up quite a collection of these photos – a meditation on the nature of morning light. Here are some of them:

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