KIMOKAWA Cancer Baby

I, personally, love the kawaii/manga aesthetic and when I find it in art that conveys important messages, like here, I am in LOVE. Lu Yang, a Chinese artist (she might be my favorite artist), has taken her subject of cancer cells and the people they live inside and made them into a thought provoking and dare I say, adorable and fun installation.

© Lu Yang

The idea was to help people think about the “kimo kawa” or “object of love and/or pain.” She wanted to bring awareness to people who have cancer and have to deal with the fact that it is in them. It also looks at how people deal with it – and how technically these cells are their own, but also can be fatal if overgrown.

Check out the artists’ other works as well because they are indeed berserk, fun and chaotic, but deal with very provocative and serious issues today. I’ve linked her website in her name above. One of her works was on display on at the ICA last year – it was a collaboration with another artist called Saeborg dealing with consumption and its horrors

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