16 speckles


Some of you may or may not be aware of the Collctve: the rather conspicuous yet mysterious creative group on campus that is known for ~edgy~ photography, music, and events. Today I want to share a little behind the scenes information that I think compliments some of the topics that we’ve discussed in class. Much of what the Collctve represents is encompassed in its branding (to be fair, the Collctve might only be its branding). The use of white lettering on strong black backgrounds is consistant across almost all of its media and apparel. It serves to evoke the same nightlife-esque sensation. During a board meeting, I learned just how deep this branding goes. There were at the time 16 distinct speckle patterns that were used across different platforms and items. Each one carefully designed. I was reminded of these speckles when Jacob spoke to us all about the intentionality of work created in illustrator. As digital designers, we have completely control of every pixel, thus there should be intention behind every act.

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