Failed Transmission of Vintage Automotion

On The Grand Tour (Top Gear), Richard Hammond reviews the new Alpine A110. Alpine is an old French carmaker, owned by Renault. In 1961, they launched the A110, which was a huge success, winning multiple big races. It was aesthetically successful at the time. Last year the company tried to remake the car in a tribute to their richer history. However, new regulations forced the designers to raise the headlights and modify the bumper shapes. The new attempt is honestly quite terrible looking. The team tried to bridge their history with their present, but the transition is unsuccessful. In my historical art gif, I combined arts from different centuries in a way that I think worked, but in this case Alpine has failed. The awkward combination of vintage origins, but futuristic implementations has not worked seamlessly and portrays the difficulty of incorporating art from varying time periods and the struggles of modern day regulations.

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