Inside a Pixel

As I was looking for design inspiration on before making some sketches of objects for Project 1.2, I found a really interesting art/design collective called Pneuhaus (perhaps a play on the words pneumatic and Bauhaus?). They specialize in exploring design concepts in connection with inflatables and the play of light on said structures.

In the example I am sharing with you all, Pneuhaus brought the experience of being “inside a pixel” to viewers in the RI/NY area (per the context clues of their location via their websites and Instagram posts). There were three concrete sections of RGB and when the light from the outside shown through the colored fabric of the structure, the inside revealed the color mixes one might see on an Adobe Illustrator color box. Take a peek below and feel free to see more of their work on their Instagram (@pneuhaus) and website ( All photos below were taken from the Pneuhaus website.

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