Loving Vincent–the world’s first fully hand painted feature film

Image result for loving vincent

If you aren’t already madly in love with Van Gogh, I hope you might be after seeing this, which you completely should, because it was made by a bunch of people that clearly were also madly in love with Van Gogh and it shows.

It took 125 master painters and 65,000 oil painted frames on canvas to make the film. The artists were chosen on their skill in traditional oil technique and ability to faithfully replicate Van Gogh’s style. This was a daunting challenge, as Van Gogh’s paintings were used as the basis for the scenes and settings, but inevitably had to be adjusted for smooth story and plot flow. For example, to keep the timeline consistent, they had to change the seasons of some of Van Gogh’s original paintings, and in their best attempt, replicate how they imagine Van Gogh would have painted the scene in summer instead of winter by cross-referencing his other summer pieces. Transitions and canvas size were also notable challenges when translating the paintings into film.

While the entire project took a painstaking 4 years to finish, with the director Welchman admitting, “We have definitely without a doubt invented the slowest form of filmmaking ever devised in 120 years,” the prospect of intersecting art forms in a never-before done way has exciting future implications for film and the art world as a whole.


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