Rosha Yaghmai: Exploring Alienation through Sculpture

The world of sculpture is quickly seeing a great upcoming of female artists. One of these inspiring women is Rosha Yaghmai. An MFA graduate of the California Institute of Art, Yaghmai explores themes of alienation and transformation.

Yaghmai in her studio

Yaghmai was originally a photographer, who, after beginning to experiment with manipulating photographs and bringing them out of the 2D world, transitioned to sculpture and never looked back. Today, many of Yaghmai’s works incorporate unconventional materials, such as newspapers, cleaning supplies, tiles, and even human hair with more traditional mediums like clay and metal. Yaghmai draws inspiration from the “trashiness” of Los Angeles and from ideas of conceptualism.

In 2018, Yaghmai was a featured artist in the Made in L.A. exhibition at the Hammer Museum of UCLA. One of Yaghmai’s displayed works, Slide Samples (Lures, Myths), featured photos from her father documenting his experiences of being an Iranian immigrant in California. The sculpture invokes feelings of isolation and alienation, themes that are often conveyed in much of Yaghmai’s works.

Image result for rosha yaghmai
Slide Samples (Lures, Myths) at the Hammer Museum, 2018

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