adobe’s creative types

Recently, I stumbled across Adobe Create Magazine’s Creative Types personality test. (As you can see, my recent blogposts show my tendency to wander away from doing work online to random games and quizzes – sigh).

Lack of productivity aside, this personality test is one of the most beautiful designed quizzes I’ve ever come across. Far from the low-res gifs of Buzzfeed (sorry), the graphics in between each question are a series of visually satisfying interludes. At the end, the test categorized me as “The Adventurer” – the fuzzy cheeto-looking character presents a more than flattering descriptive of this type of creative thinker, and I can’t help but wonder about the gimmick behind tests like these. Earlier this month in my psychology class, we learned about the Barnum Effect: personality tests and zodiac readings often rely on vague descriptions that anyone is bound to resonate with. Buuut nonetheless, I did dig the profile I got :’)

If you guys have a couple of minutes to spare, I highly recommend taking the quiz!

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