Melissa Meyer: Close attention to familiar surroundings

The work of Philadelphia-based artist Melissa Mayer recently drew my attention as it appealed to my draw towards any kind of familiarity, in more ways than one. Her work incorporates many of the fine details that are noticed through careful observation of settings both new and familiar, and abstracts them through free yet subtly-intentioned creations. Both the manner in which she captured the familiar visuals and other sensations of familiar settings through abstraction was highly reminiscent to me of our most recent project, in abstracting sound from a (possibly) highly familiar environment, or from one that, at the very least, exists in a space in close proximity to one that does have the same familiarity that Meyer’s had to her. However, there are clear differences between our projects and Meyer’s, namely her use of color, as well as in how she was capturing the entire range of sensations, whereas our focus was entirely on the sensation of sound, and expression was limited to black and white; this led me to wondering how one might be able to use one additional dimension, of added color, to capture or invoke the whole range of human senses, and the kind of versatility that is lost, or gained, by limiting oneself in their range of tools they can utilize.

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