Farmers Markets and Grocery Stores

I went to the farmers market, and as I wandered around the stands, I kept thinking about the difference between shopping at these fair-style vendor stands versus at a grocery store. There’s the matter of buying straight from representatives of the farm versus buying from a retailer who bought from a wholesaler who bought from the farm (or maybe with more steps in between). That distinction makes a huge difference in the design of the shopping experience: grocery stores want you to buy as much of all the different products sold there, and they have total control over the entire space, so they optimize efficiency and use aisle design/colors/shapes to attract your eye around the store. Farmers market vendors also want you to buy more from different places, but since they only have control over their own stand, use a smiling vendor and (hopefully) some delightful-looking samples to keep you intrigued. The design that goes into their sales techniques are much more micro-scale, while grocery stores can implement design techniques that cover the entire store, floor to ceiling.

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