The Assassination of Gianna Versace

This weekend I started watching The Assassination of Gianna Versace.  As a dramatization of a real life tragedy, this series portrays the the events leading up to the murder of Gianna Versace. Before I started watching the series, I didn’t know anything about this event, so I watched with an open mind. Of course, I knew not everything in the show was completely factual, but in order for a drama like this to be done well it has to have a balance of historical accuracy and visually pleasing aesthetics. 

Artistically, the series has a lot to work with because Versace was an artist himself. The Versace brand is an iconic symbol in popular culture, and in the fashion world. The show uses the Versace symbol in some amazingly well done shots. Specifically in the scene where they are doing an autopsy on Versace, the transition into the next scene uses the iconic symbol in a creative and visual pleasing way to go from Versaces’ dead body to the next moment. 

Even though I haven’t finished the show yet, I think the creative team behind it does a good job of incorporating cinematic art and Versace’s art to tie the series together. 

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